Silver Birch is a consulting and development company. We enable and improve your company’s operations to keep your people focused on what they do best – your business – and not on paperwork, order processing, or the myriad other tasks that skilled employees waste their time with every day. Let us help your people be their best and enjoy doing it.

Katie Bateman McGoff   Owner & Developer

Katie looks for opportunities to use technology to make peoples’ lives easier. She has spent the past 15 years developing websites that enable businesses, focusing on clean design and usability. She started Silver Birch in 2012, after a career as a web developer at a technology consulting firm.

Katie graduated from the University of Victoria with a Computer Science degree, specializing in Software Engineering. She has built complex systems for companies such as BC Hydro, Starbucks, and Mitsubishi Fuso.

In her spare time, Katie enjoys exploring the beaches and mountains of Vancouver Island with her husband and dog.