Case Study – Insurance Quote System

The client:

An insurance company specializing in personal and commercial property insurance, as well as various types of liability insurance.

The problem:

  1. The process for insurance agents to put together a quote was long, and varied depending on what type of insurance was being quoted on.
  2. Agents had to connect to the insurance company’s computer network directly to use the quoting tools.
  3. In order to convert a quote to a policy, agents had to print and fax the quote to the insurer.
  4. The tools being used were very old and not intuitive, especially for newer agents who expect user friendly, accessible tools.

The solution:

To address the issue of too many tools needed for different types of insurance, a new application has been created that collects all the different tools under one umbrella. The user simply logs into one application and then chooses what type of insurance to quote on. Any difference between the types of insurance are handled “under the hood” of the program.

We were also able to add new features not available with the old tools, such as:

  1. Save partially-created quotes.
  2. Create PDF documents for clients.
  3. Submit insurance coverage directly to the insurance company electronically, from within the new application.
  4. Email quote summaries to clients.

The new application is web-based and accessible to agents from anywhere, including on their smart phone. The application is secured by an encrypted login process to ensure privacy and security, and all sensitive personal information is also encrypted.

The new application is very user friendly, works on both desktop computers and smart phones, and can be accessed by agents anywhere. They no longer need to have special encryption and network access software on their computer, and they do not have to learn to use antiquated tools that can take years to become comfortable with. There is no need for training on the new tool, allowing agents to become productive in the field quickly.

The benefit:

It is estimated that agents now spend 30% less time creating quotes for customers, and can therefore spend more time discussing the benefits of the policy with them, and quote on more policies overall. Frustration and confusion are no longer a barrier to providing quotes on this insurance company’s products. No time is needed to teach new agents how to use the application.